B.F.K. weapon Kit 1

B.F.K. weapon Kit 1

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" You want a kit? We have a BIG F******G WEAPON KIT for ya!"

This  option contain:

Nr. 3 resin cast Chicken Hunter -LMG

Nr .3 resin cast  Wreck-in-ator HMG

Nr. 3 resin cast  Wreck-in-ator Canister HMG

Nr. 3 resin cast Drink on fire- Molotovs

Nr. 3 resin cast October Ablaze- Molotov box

Nr. 3 resin cast Hot Potato Box- Granades box

Nr. 2 resin cast Mortal Racer- Minigun

Nr. 2 resin cast Serious Gatling Long- Minigun

Nr. 2 resin cast Serious Gatling - Minigun

Nr. 2 resin cast Slim Happy Lad- Flamethrower

Nr. 2 resin cast Pointy Bastard- Rocket launcher

Nr. 1 resin cast  Happy Lad- Flamethrower

Nr. 1 resin cast Seek & Destroy- Missile launcher

Nr. 1 resin cast Texan Barbecue Long- Minigun

Nr. 1 resin cast Doomsday Long - Minigun

Nr. 1 resin cast Doomsday - Minigun

These Resin weapons are designed to be compatible with Gaslands, Modern/Sci-Fi wargames in 20-15 mm scale. They will work fine with just any 1:64 Diecast car you can buy on the market. Measures of each weapons shown in the single photos.

The product will be provided unassembled and unpainted. Requires cleaning and some cyanoacrilate glue.

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