From the magnificent castle of the fearless Lion Duke to the football field, the most brave team… Lion Duchy!

The motto of the Lion Duchy team is: “The keys to victory are: fearless, courage and discipline”!

Painting by: Mindwork Games Paint Studio

Prepare to meet the most brave warriors and their amazing retinue of squires and ladies! The courage they show in even the ungodly horrors of football fields makes them famous worldwide.

Decisiveness, discipline and a controlled ferocity: these are the best weapons of this bunch of fighters loyal to the Lion Duke and to the motto of the Lion family: “The keys to victory are: fearless, courage and discipline”.

First of all, in the role of Blitzers, we find four noble knights in armor, ready to attack and to destroy even the most dreadful opponents: from evil dwarves to chaos warriors, they are ready to fight even against death itself!

In the role of Catchers, you are going to find the most beautiful and violent women, with hands ready to catch anything… pray that you never make them angry! Thanks to their loyalty to the Duke, they have earned a permanent place in the team.

Don’t worry about the destiny of the sacrificial lambs. The squires are happy to give their lives as Linemen. The most valorous ones are proud to cover the role of Throwers.

We don't know if they do it for money, or just for the sake of breaking some bones, but occasionally some Ogres join the team, providing a devastating impact force.



Born in the darkness, grew in blood, they are ready to kill you with their violent beauty… and with their knifes too!
The motto of the Dark Elves team is: “I will kiss you to the death”!

They are fast, furious and very, veeery bad. You’ll never see them coming, if they want to kiss you… or to kill you!

In the role of Blitzers, you are going to find four marvelous elves women. You will never believe that they can choke you with a single hand until it will be to late. Beware: when they decide they want to destroy their enemies, they don’t take prisoners!

In the role of Witches, two of them will attack the enemy, catch the ball or steal it from the opponent so fast that it will be like a magic!

Two Assassins will take care of the most problematic enemies in their own, bloody way and the two Runners are the best choice when you need a fast job!

Finally, the Linewomen will do the dirty work. Lascivious and ready to do literally everything, use them as you please!

Fast as they are beautiful, these Runners will run for the goal line, even without you noticing

On the sidelines, a medic and a cheerleader, provide assistance to the players involved to massacre the enemy!

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